About us

IEF started our story in 2012 with our hearts set on becoming one of the leading firms in the cross border settlement market. Since then we have gone from strength to strength, grounded in our vision of becoming a unique financial supermarket and leader in cross border settlement.

We provide a whole range of financial products and services, including International student fees remittance, real estate investment along with strong technical support from our IT team through our subsidiary companies: IE Money, IE Finance.

Our services


IE Money provides financial products and services, we are a global company with a presence in Auckland, licence in Sydney. As a licensed financial service provider, IE Money has independently developed a 24-hour online foreign currency platform that adopts the latest Electronic System to overcome the geographic limits of traditional financial investment and services and meets the regulatory requirements of different markets.


IE Finance is a non-bank lender offering first mortgage finance on residential developments, commercial and industrial building construction projects.
Our team combines in-depth industry knowledge with extensive experience to provide innovative financial solutions.